BattleMoves aims to become the most extensive database on armed conflicts in the world.
It will share and visualize historical facts on armed conflicts from all of recorded history all over the world: from the battle of Meggido 1457 B.C. to the Syrian Civil War today. Ultimately, we will record and share what is not even described in today’s history books.

Made by Tinodela. Source: added value of BattleMoves is that ALL battles, military campaigns and conflicts throughout world history will be visualized, either on digital maps, in timelines or through network charts, from a world perspective to detailed locations such as Tyne Cot 1915-1918 or the Grebbelinie 1940, all in the right time frame. BattleMoves is database-driven; the siege of Alesia 54 B.C. will be presented in the same way as the siege of Haarlem in 1573 or the Liberation Route Europe in 1944-1945.

Our goal is to support history professionals, teachers, students and enthusiasts in understanding the dynamics of war and the effects of used strategies and tactics.
BattleMoves will be fed by enthusiasts all over the world. Please fill out our questionnaire to let us know how you can contribute .

For questions or feedback, please contact us at or by phone at +31 651 937406.